Make Mike Laugh Winner

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Thanks to all of you who participated in the Make Mike Maze Laugh Contest. Mike enjoyed reading all of the entries. Chuckles were raining like cats and dogs in the WRAL Weather Center. It's never easy to pick a favorite but Mike said wheelman made him laugh the most. Here was the joke:

Late one night a drunk leaves the neighborhood bar and decides to take a shortcut home through the cemetery. There's no moon out so it is very difficult to see and as he is stumbling his way along he trips and falls into a freshly dug grave. A few minutes later another drunk leaves the same bar and decides to take a shortcut through the cemetery as well. He's stumbling along as well when he hears someone yelling "Help me! I'm cold!". He follows the sound until he gets to the open grave where the first drunk is still yelling "Help me! I'm cold!". He looks around, and then answers back "Well, of course you are! You've done kicked all of your dirt off!".

So if wheelman will email me at and let me know your address and which one of my CDs or DVD you'd like I will get a package out to you this week.

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