The Murky Traveler

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Do you ever like to toss your travel plans out the window and wing it on vacation? I call this the Murky Traveler. He or she is different than the Quirky Traveler who has a plan though unconventional. The Murky Traveler simply gets up in the morning and answers the siren call of adventure. No fear. Just fun.

I did this once in France and it just about drove my wife crazy. WRAL Television News was covering a new daily the non stop American Airlines route from RDU to Paris. I was given the “tough” assignment of reporting on Triangle area French teachers who were awarded free trips to Paris by Capitol Broadcasting Company. After the news assignment Cindy and I took off for a week of vacation in France. I thought it would be fun to just rent a car and “see what happens.”

The first afternoon and evening triggered much stress in the countryside. Inn after inn after inn we checked were all booked. Finally we scored a room late at night in a small farming town. The French eat late so we were fed a scrumptious meal with a great bottle of local wine. Our room was simple but comfortable. We woke up to songbirds and a big breakfast. Life was good again. Cindy, however, insisted that we take a few hours and plan the rest of our week and make the necessary reservations to eliminate the uncertainty and raw nerves of the previous day.

What about you?  When traveling do you enjoy throwing caution to the wind and ride the current of your heart’s desire?

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