Snake in the ivy

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Snake Talk
It was starting to rain. I was moving swiftly out our front door toward the car. Down the steps and left onto the sidewalk.  My eyes focus on something moving into the ivy and taking refuge there next to the scarlet maple. Snake alert. Just what kind I'm not sure.

It's that time of the year. I saw two other snakes while running the other day.

How do you deal with snakes around your house? I try not to overreact but I don't want a snake living in the ivy that everyone passes coming into and out of our home. A neighbor across the cul de sac hired a pest control company recently to deal with snakes in her yard. They're using mothballs to keep the critters away. Does that really work? I've heard mixed reviews.

What about you? How about slithering up to the keyboard right now and giving us your best snake story and advice.

Can you name the different venomous snakes found in NC?

True or false.  Cottonmouth snakes love to swim in mountain lakes. 


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