Pricey Pop & Popcorn

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I just about lost my jaw at the movie theatre concession counter Monday afternoon. Here was my order: two small sodas and two medium popcorns. No butter, please. This same order would have cost me $4.00 at a high school football game. Guess what it cost me at the theatre? $19.00!  Two small sodas and unbuttered popcorn in two flimsy paper bags.  You'd think they would toss in a crab cake with prices that high.

The movie was a bargain compared to the food. Cindy and I paid $13.50 for two matinee tickets to Prince Caspian. The movie was great. We loved it. It's a wonderful story and the film was beautifully produced. It’s a shame we had to watch it with price indigestion.

It reminded us of when we were saving money for our wedding many years ago. I was working in radio and received free tickets to a movie. Cindy smuggled in home cooked popcorn. It was a free night of fun despite a good bit of ribbing from my radio buddies. I may do the same thing the next time I go to the theatre.

Have you had similar experiences?

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