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Adair Cates
When I was 16 years old I struggled with depression following the unexpected death of my father. With the help of a kind and caring minister John Carter, a lot of great friends and an inspirational book by Norman Vincent Peale I was able to turn the corner. It was a big growth period for me.

I have come across another inspirational book that I like very much. It’s called “Live with Intention” by UNC Journalism School graduate and motivational coach Adair Cates of Asheville. Adair has carved out a list of ten steps to creating the life of your dreams. Her book is a nice and easy read full of interesting quotes and thoughts on the importance of “following your bliss” as author Joseph Campbell put it so well. Adair coaches us how to live with a patient expectancy as we let go of negative energy and concentrate on the truly important things in our lives.

This is not just another ego-oriented road to riches formula. It is a sensible yet passionate approach to every day life incorporating visual imagery, reflection and journaling. This is how Adair describes her mission with this book:

“Think of your life purpose as your personal motto, the “why” of your existence, and thus, your intentions. Quiet your mind by breathing deeply and let the first words that come to you flow onto the paper. Remember, everybody’s purpose is to serve others in some way. Go back in your life and remember what you loved as a child and what others loved in you.”

Adair Cates and her husband Chris work as a motivational coaching team called Synergy Shift. If you’d like to read more about them check out their website at

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