Political quiz answers

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1. What former NC governor lived in Nepal for two years?

2. The father of what higher education leader grew up with former Senator Jesse Helms in Monroe?

3. What former candidate for governor served a subpoena on Richard Nixon at the White House?

4. What Durham bricklayer's son who ran for governor in 1972 was later convicted of fraud?

5. What former governor of NC is best qualified to discuss atomic and molecular structure?

6. What Robeson County native became the first African American elected to the General Assembly in the 20th century? Hint he later made similar history on the NC Supreme Court.

7. What former governor was nicknamed "The Mountain Mannered Mountain Man" and whose dialect was the subject of a Rick Dees radio spoof?

8. What Laurinburg native who served as governor became a strong civil rights advocate in the 1960's?

9. What former US Senator went through Harvard Law School backwards?

10. What was the nickname of the major league baseball pitcher who represented Winston-Salem in Congress between 1969 and 1975?

Answers: (1) Jim Hunt, (2) UNC President Erskine Bowles, the son of Skipper Bowles, (3) Rufus Edmisten, (4) Wilbur Hobby, (5) Jim Martin (former chemistry professor), (6) Henry Frye, (7) Jim Holshouser, (8) Terry Sanford, (9) Sam Ervin, (10) Wilmer “Vinegar Bend” Mizell

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