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UNC's Williams Watches Kansas in Final
What did you think of UNC basketball coach Roy Williams' wearing a Kansas Jayhawks sticker on his shirt Monday night during the national championship game in San Antonio? Please weigh in.

I decided not to watch the CBS televised game between the Jayhawks and Memphis Tigers. I must confess the decision is part of my grieving process. UNC's highly disappointing loss to Kansas Saturday night sent many Tar Heel fans including myself into a blue funk. Carolina just didn't seem to play with the fire and passion that got them to the Final Four, and many fans were disappointed that Williams didn't call timeouts in the first half to curb the Jayhawks’ rally, which resulted in a 28-point lead.

I subscribe to a UNC sports Web site, and Tuesday morning, I was surprised to see a barrage of criticism against the Carolina coach for wearing that sticker. Many saw the gesture as a slap in the face and like pouring salt into the wounds of defeat. They criticized the coach for staying in Texas instead of returning to Chapel Hill to be with his deflated players.

Personally, I have no problems with Roy wearing that sticker. He was head coach at Kansas for 15 successful years. He put his heart and soul into the program that he now calls his second favorite behind Carolina, of course. And it’s not like he was waving pompoms for the Jayhawks during the game. I saw the gesture as a touch of class much like I came to respect from Dean Smith during his legendary coaching career at Carolina.

Feel free to disagree.


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