Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Winners & Whiners

Posted March 11, 2008 8:23 a.m. EDT

Thanks for all the great stories about marriage proposals. Our team of judges has taken a long and hard look at the entries and the winner is "The Nailgun Wedding" by At Work. That was a unique, bizarre and yet poignant story.

Congratulations to kmbabygirl for her Southern expression “Goodness Gracious!” This was the top vote getter in our Sweeteashirt contest.

At Work and kmbabygirl should email me at with their names and addresses so we can get them their prizes.

Now from winners to whiners. Justified whining, that is. A Carolina Conversations blogger stopped me during a traffic jam on aisle 3 at the supermarket Sunday afternoon and suggested we do another pet peeve blog.

Today’s question: what is your pet peeve when grocery shopping?

Coming up tomorrow: the first Carolina Conversations novel is complete. Read the exciting details!