Will You Marry Me?

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Will You Marry Me?

It was a sultry summer day in the Dairy Queen parking lot in Cary. We were enjoying our usual: vanilla waffle cones dipped in chocolate. The conversation was filled with both excitement and uncertainty.

Cindy Miller and I were talking about my job offer from a radio station in Norfolk. The money was good. I would probably take it. Little did I know she would pop the question that would change my life. "Will you marry me?" Isn't that what the guy is supposed to ask? Well, not in this case.  Cindy popped the question. More than three decades later we still laugh about it. Things have worked out very well.

What about you? I will send a signed copy of my “Peaceful Journey” DVD to the person with the most unusual wedding proposal story. Please share.

Elizabeth Gardner was also the forward one. She proposed to her beau Tripp while kayaking on a wild and scenic river in the mountains. Lynda Loveland says her man nervously pulled a diamond ring out of a sock and proposed.

Valonda Calloway had a more traditional and romantic proposal with her favorite fellow cooking dinner and uncorking the question at the stroke of midnight as 1999 gave way to a new millenium.

Enough about us. What about you?

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