Family Name Winners

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We were overwhelmed with your responses to the blog on unusual family names. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every one of them. I laughed hard at the comment: “What was Mama thinking?”

From Izard to Snowie to Fannie Delta to Edison Plato you came up with a bumper crop of creative names. I would love to have met siblings Roselle, Oselle and Moselle Louvini. And what about Green Berry? Now that’s a funny name. And there was Tiny appropriately named because she would fit in a shoebox. Minnie Maney probably wasn’t much larger. Who would name their kids Pecola and Repsi? Some people are just morning people. Maybe that’s why Bright Early got her name. Some people just have sunny dispositions hence the name Summer Daye. I didn’t notice Bertha and Bessie on the latest favorite names list from the state but they sure were popular back in the good ole days. I can understand the name Bonnie but what about her sister Swannie? Gertie Lou reminds me of my sister Miriam. I call her Gert just to be funny. She calls me Gus reflecting my middle name of Latin origin Augustus.

Was Uncle Dock a waterman? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of the name Jynette before.

Okay, those are just some of my favorites but I promised to give a prize. We have a tie for the most unusual family names. Both winners will receive a signed copy of my “Peaceful Journey” DVD. Please send me your address. My email is

The winners are Aunt Zilly and Aunt Zolly and Archangela Abatemarco. Congratulations!

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