Write a Novel Game

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Mdoodle’s perilous plot prompter garners the most votes in our ”Write a North Carolina Novel Game.”

Let’s write a chapter today. Mdoodle will begin by adding at least one more paragraph. She will manage today’s story development. She will be the editor and I will assist her. Those wanting to participate should announce their intentions. Mdoodle will call on volunteers to add to the story. Mdoodle will have the final say on editing and revisions in an attempt to create a flowing and cohesive product. Mdoodle will email the finished product to me at The chapter will be published tomorrow on Carolina Conversations.

Let the drama begin. This is how the story starts:

"With the Cape Fear River sparkling just beyond the front yard, and the peaceful, friendly atmosphere of a small town, Southport - and more importantly - Lois Janes Bed and Breakfast was our favorite weekend getaway....well it was before we found the dead body floating in our bathtub."

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