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NC Novel

Posted February 12, 2008 7:28 a.m. EST

You have received a hefty advance from a prominent publisher who has hired you to write a novel set in North Carolina. Your deadline today is to let the publisher know where in the state your tale will begin and what your opening sentence will be.

Sound like fun?

Well, let’s get started. Here’s the plan. We will take in as many ideas as possible today. Tomorrow we will vote on the most interesting idea. And on Thursday we will write a chapter in the book using the creative talents of our many bloggers.

Don't be shy. There are no bad ideas.

If you need some inspiration to get started I would suggest reading a passage or two from the marvelous new book Literary Trails of the Western NC Mountains by Georgann Eubanks. Feel free to pick a spot anywhere in NC for your intriguing tale.