Where Would You Go?

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Friends are coming in from out of state. They are huge history buffs. They want you to take them to FIVE PLACES that best tell the history of North Carolina.

Where would you take them?

Please give your thoughts.

Today's blog topic was triggered by a wonderful UNC TV program last night. Archeologists discovered remnants of a 16th century Spanish settlement near Morganton where I grew up in the NC Foothills. This fort and settlement of 120 Spaniards existed two decades before the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island at Manteo.

Spain planned to use the settlement to help convert natives to Catholicism and carve out a short route to the gold and other riches of Mexico. Archeologist Rob Beck told the News Herald just how significant the Morganton discovery is: "This is a place here under our feet that is as important as the areas of Rome, Peru and Egypt."

That's both impressive and fascinating!

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