Water Warrior

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I had a little heart to heart talk with my daughter a while back about her long showers. Lauren responded beautifully by cutting back dramatically on her water use. She now has that crusader spirit when it comes to water conservation and I appreciate it very much.

In fact Lauren suggested that I open up this blog to the topic.

What have you done to answer the water saving battle cry?

We will honor the person with the most interesting or inspiring story a prize.

As a fairly competitive person I've been known to use a stop watch in the shower. And I've cut back on water use while shaving. We do the yellow mellow thing at home but we could do a lot more. I plan to buy a few rain barrels before spring.

Lynda Loveland is doing her part by saving the baby water to drench her plants. She and her husband Randall have also installed low flow faucets.

Elizabeth Gardner is also doing similar things to cut back on water use. She admires her neighbor who sets up buckets in the shower.

What about you? Are you a water warrior?

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