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If You Couldn't Spend the Holidays at Home

Posted December 19, 2007 9:09 a.m. EST

If you couldn't spend the holidays at home where in North Carolina would you spend them? In other words what town or place defines Carolina Christmas?

I won't try to persuade you with my own ideas but I can think of several Christmas alternatives along the coast, in the mountains and in between.

Post the most creative idea and win a free holiday CD.

And speaking of that, drumroll please!

Here are the winners of the Appalachian State football pep rally blog: Celt, Garnerwolf1 and Squirrelingdervish. Congratulations! Your words echoed in the chilly air over Chattanooga last week as the Mountaineers brought home a third consecutive national championship. Please send your mailing addresses and let me know which CD you would like. My email address is