Lions - Leaves & Leftovers

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Lions - Leaves & Leftovers
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your turkey is golden brown, moist and scrumptious today. Thanks for giving me new hope on how to prepare the perfect pecan pie.

Today’s question: what will you do in your leisure time today? With all of the cooking, consuming and cleaning you may not have much of it but what will you do in your down time.?

I started thinking about my old Detroit Lions helmet – the one I bought on sale at Morganton Hardware after the Lions beat the Packers on Thanksgiving many years ago when I was a child. We always pulled for the Lions at our house primarily because they were usually the underdogs. I have great memories of watching the games on television with my grandfather Bergeron “Pop” and my father. All it took was a little lull in the gridiron action following the big feast and Pop was out like a light with his signature buzz saw snore.

Once the snoring started I would slip outside for some tackle football with the neighborhood kids. We had some pretty intense games and I’m surprised we didn’t end up with more injuries. I never wore the Lions helmet, though while playing and I wonder what happened to it. It probably ended up in the landfill with my baseball card collection after I left Morganton for college.

After football I would join the family for some leaf raking and then the leftovers. Peppered turkey with Duke’s mayonnaise on Sunbeam bread.
Top it off with Grandma’s pumpkin pie! Life was good. Still is.

I sure hope the Lions win today.


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