Valonda's New Baby!

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Valonda's New Baby
Thanksgiving came early last night for Valonda Calloway and her husband Randal. At 9:14P.M. Valonda gave birth to a beautiful seven pound eight ounce girl. Her name is Lilyn Charity named for Valonda's grandmothers. Lilyn Charity came into this world at 22 inches in length.

Valonda says her little one is "just perfect!" I am sure she is. Lilyn Charity joins a warm, supportive and growing family here at WRAL TV. We can't wait to see our newest niece. If Lilyn Charity is anything like her parents she will be smart, talented, determined, kind, generous and humorous. She will also be a diehard fan of Winston-Salem State and the Washington Redskins.

I would like to open up this blog to Valonda's viewers, fans and friends.

What greeting would you like to leave for Valonda, Randal and their precious little one?

Thank you for participating in the Valonda Baby Game. We have two winners who came close to predicting the date, time and weight at birth. Here are the winners of a Holly Raleigh Christmas CD featuring my newest song "Wintercolors:" Cindy at 11/19, 11:19A.M. and seven pounds, 5.6 ounces and ecumuse at 11/19, 8:15P.M. and eight pounds and six ounces. Please email me with you address at Congratulations to you and Valonda!

We now have a photo!



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