Christmas Parade Contest

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What are your favorite memories of the WRAL-TV Raleigh Christmas Parade?

Answer that question and you could win a wonderful Christmas CD.  I will give a copy of the recently released "Have a Holly Raleigh Christmas" album to the blogger who comes up with the most interesting answer.

I will also mention the winning person's name and comments during Saturday's 63rd WRAL-TV Raleigh Christmas Parade broadcast.  Lynda Loveland and I will be co-hosting the broadcast beginning at 10:00A.M. along with our dancing and prancing roadside buddy Mark Roberts.

Maybe you have a funny story about first witnessing the parade as a child under a mountain of blankets.  Perhaps you have a poignant story about how the parade helps you forget your adult worries for a few hours and regain your childlike wonder.

Whatever it is about the Raleigh Christmas Parade that touches your heart or funny bone we want to hear about it here.

By the way, the album you could win features 14 tracks of new holiday music from area artists.  My contribution is "Wintercolors," the fourth track on the CD. 

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