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Southern Tshirts
What are you favorite Southern expressions?

Growing up in Burke County I heard my share. An example from a sultry day: “It’s hot enough to make the devil sweat.”  You might address your sweetheart by saying “Hi Sug.”   And if you stubbed your toe your mother or "Mama" would say "Bless your heart!"

Former WRAL personality Susan Dahlin has tapped into the rich reservoir of Southern expressions to launch a business. It's called "SweeTea." Susan and business partner Karen Hall have splashed colorful sayings on t-shirts and other apparrel.

Here are some of Susan's favorites : "Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit", "Hissy Fit" and "I swannee."  Susan says her company has more than 50 expressions and add more monthly. "Just this week we shipped out over 3000 shirts to our vendors."

It's interesting. Both Susan and Karen are Yankees by birth. But they know a good thing when they hear it. Susan says they rely on their "Southern speaking hubbies for sayings and we receive suggestions daily from customers. We sell to just about every main street general store you can find. Customers love them - buying 3 or 4 at a time."

You can check out their website at

Any suggestions for Susan and her new company?   I reckon she'd love to hear from y'all directly.


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