Flip Flops & Yoga Pants

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We had a lot of fun recently writing a Tall Tar Heel Tale together. The story began in the mountains along a river and ended in Manteo with an old fish and the discovery of a treasure trove of gold.

Today I would like to enlist your help  writing lyrics to a song. Last week, while the boss was on vacation, one of my favorite co-workers came in laughing about what she was wearing. I joked that it sounded like the start of a country music song. She agreed.

While I will not disclose who that worker is I will borrow her words and wardrobe and begin the song. Please add one line at a time but feel free to return as many times as you’d like. Rhyming is good but not always necessary. If it turns out really well I will craft a melody, record it, send it to Nashville, get rich and retire. Just kidding about the getting rich part.

Okay, songwriters. Are you ready? Here is the opening line to the song. Make it good!

“She was wearing flip flops and yoga pants,”

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