Boone or Baghdad?

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It has happened several times during the last few months. The phone rings at dinner time. I check the read out on the phone: United States Army. The cordial caller wants to speak to William, my son about a great opportunity for a career in the military.

I'm thinking: "Boone or Baghdad? Boone or Baghdad?"

The Army is still trying to convince Will to join the ranks. No doubt. He would make a fine soldier. He's a hard worker, loves his country, he's tall, smart and strong as an ox.

One of his best buddies enlisted nearly two years ago and has enjoyed the lifestyle despite some scary moments in Iraq.

But Will has his sights set on college. He'll become a freshman at Appalachian State University in August. As a parent I am very happy with his decision. If he wants to join the military one day that's fine. But right now I think Boone is a better choice than Baghdad.

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