Your Sabbatical

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If you could take the next year off from work and/or your major responsibilities where would you go and what would you do?

This morning I am having breakfast with my dear friend Bob Inskeep and we will be discussing his sabbatical. Bob recently took several months off from his job as a Presbyterian pastor in Raleigh. Many of you remember Bob from his radio days when he was one of the area’s most popular personalities.

Bob mixed it up on his sabbatical. He toured the Grand Canyon, spent some time with family and studied in Richmond at Union Theological Seminary. Bob is a colorful storyteller and I can’t wait to hear his full report over omelets at the Farmer’s Market.

I asked my co-workers what they would do if granted a year long sabbatical.

Valonda Calloway would visit every continent beginning with Africa.

Elizabeth Gardner would load up the family in a RV and see America.

Lynda Loveland would find a secluded Caribbean retreat for a laid back and stress free year with her family.

Mark Roberts would live off the land in the NC mountains growing his own crops.

I would hole up with my family in a seaside cottage on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and write music.

What would you do? Please share your grand dreams!   A CD prize for the most interesting idea.


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