Fish, Flying and Fundraising

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I can hear my mother right now: "Bill, if you keep eating salmon it will start coming out of your ears." Well, it almost did last week on my Pacific Northwest family vacation. Salmon for breakfast. Salmon for lunch. Salmon for dinner.  The fish is so fresh and plentiful in the area and so good and good for you.

My favorite recipe was salmon omelet. I had it at the Marriott near the airport south of Seattle. I would give just about anything to have another one of those delicious breakfast dishes.

A couple of other things about the trip: we flew American Airlines and with the exception of the in-flight movie "Wild Hogs" both ways we really enjoyed the journey. We had no delays until the end. We flew through St. Louis on the way out there but through New York on the way back.

We arrived at JFK 30 minutes early but were nearly an hour and a half late getting off the ground on last Saturday evening even when there were no weather problems. We taxied on the runway for a good hour. The fellow sitting in front of me said he routinely spends hourson the runway when flying out of JFK. I was also disappointed with the physical condition of the airport, the long hike we had to take to our connecting flight gate and having to go through security an extra time.

JFK is the gateway to America for millions and I think it needs a huge overhaul. Your thoughts?

By the way I almost ran into former President Clinton. He was in town to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign. We stayed at the same hotel.

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