Carolina Conversations

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Welcome to Carolina Conversations! That was the winning new name for this blog. I like it because it implies an open forum of many voices and opinions. We’ll have a great time discussing things, I’m sure

First order of business is to hand out prizes. Three different bloggers actually suggested the new name. Ashen-Shugar recommended “North Carolina Conversations” on May 29 at 8:24AM. Luvtoshag suggested the precise name “Carolina Conversations” about six hours later. So I would like to send each person a complete package of my music. I have a consolation prize to the person who emailed me the correct title three days into the contest.

Second order of business: topics. What would you like to talk about? Toss out a few subjects and I’ll get the ball rolling. I will probably start with a very funny message from Ira David Wood in Raleigh.

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