Dear Lauren

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Please share a story of parental pride. Perhaps your son hit a home run to win the little league game last night. Or maybe your daughter started a fund raising campaign to feed the hungry. I will start with a letter to my daughter. I know she'll receive it. She reads this blog every day.

Dear Lauren,

You knew it in the 5th grade. That lightbulb went off. You knew you wanted to be a teacher. You kindled that dream through middle and high school. You fanned the flames for the past four years in college at Boone. You worked very hard and made great grades. Now you're ready to take the big step.

Words cannot capture the pride and joy I feel right now. This week you completed your student teaching at Dillard Drive Elementary. Your students absolutely adored you. Their tears flowed this week when they learned you were leaving. Your tears came down too. You loved each one of them. You listened to their dreams. You built them up. You taught them with passion. You made learning fun. They will never forget you.

Others took notice of your style, grasp and gusto for teaching. You have several job offers now. You're struggling with your decision. There are things about each school that you love. I like the advice of one of your favorite mentors: listen to your heart.

Lauren, your heart is full of love for teaching. I can't think of a more noble profession. I can't think of a more wonderful daughter.



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