Talking Tarboro Trivia

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I've been studying up on the rich history of Tarboro in advance of my St. Patrick's Day concert with Lorica tomorrow night at Edgecombe Community College. Here's a quiz I'd like you to take, for fun of course. I will post the answers later today.

Here's an incentive to play. Print a copy of the quiz, put your name on it and bring it to the concert tomorrow night. Drop it off at the table where we'll be selling CDs. You don't need to have all the right answers but we will pick a winner from the pile and that person will get a complete collection of my five CDs and DVD tomorrow night.

Good luck. In the meantime I would like to ask the folks in Edgecombe County, where can I find the best barbecue in your area?

Meanwhile, here's the Tarboro Test:

1. Tarboro got its name from the Indian word "Taw" which means what?

2. The NC Legislature met in Tarboro in 1787 and again in what year?

3. How many blocks are included in Tarboro's historic district?

4. WRAL anchor/reporter Valonda Calloway went to college with what famous Tarboro football player?

5. What Tarboro native played "Cooter" on the Dukes of Hazzard television series?

6. What major league baseball player was born in Tarboro?

7. What hurricane caused severe flooding in Tarboro in 1999?

8. What best describes Tarboro: a sweet potato town, a front porch kind of town or a cold winter kind of town?

9. What is the population of Tarboro: 6,987, 8,892 or 11,130?

10. Historic Tarboro is older than all but one of the following towns: Chapel Hill, Pinehurst, New Bern and Asheville. Which one?

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