Best Burger ... Period.

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With the demolition of the historic Hardee’s restaurant in Rocky Mount this week I started thinking. Where can I find the best hamburger?

My first favorite burger was the Hardee's Husky on a sesame seed bun. Later I grew to love the burgers at Roy Rogers when I was going to college at UNC. They were thick and juicy and better than the flat patties served up at other restaurants. Today nothing beats a Char Grill burger in Raleigh. Some days I just have to have a Burger King Whopper with cheese. Several years ago in Bar Harbor, Maine I ate a Bubba Burger with blue cheese. It was awesome!

Plus, I love the Wendy’s Carolina Classic with chili and slaw. They remind me of the burgers at Scotty’s in the old North Hills.

Today the burger wars are heating up again. Everyone wants to have the biggest baddest burger. But are they getting too big? I’m sure cardiologists would agree the burger battle has gotten out of hand.

But in moderation burgers won’t kill you. I try to lay off the French fries.

What about you? Where do you go to get your favorite burger?

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