ACC Theme Song - Remember?

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Wow! What an opening day of the ACC Tournament. Four games. Four upsets. Even though I think the tournament hurts many of the better teams by tiring them out for the more important NCAA Tournament run I do enjoy watching the action.

I was raised on ACC basketball with Jim Thacker and Billy Packer. I remember the black and white days of CD Chesley and Charlie Harville. I remember shooting baskets with my Burke County buddies during halftime and between games dreaming of the day when we might star for the Wolfpack, Tar Heels, Deacons or Devils.

I think back to the heroics of players including Larry Worsley, Larry Miller, Skip Wise and Jeff Mullins. But if there is one thing that reminds me of ACC tournament action more than anything else, it is a commercial jingle. I have the lyrics but I would give just about anything to get a video or audio copy of the song.

What are your favorite memories of the ACC Tournament? Please share!  While you're thinking see if you can remember the melody associated with the following lyrics:

Sail with the Pilot at the wheel
On a ship sturdy from its mast to its keel.
He guides through storm and wave,
Insures you while you save.

Sail with the Pilot o'er the seas,
He's got plans for every growing family.
Worries are far behind you
There's really peace of mind, too.

When you sail with the Pilot all the way,

So get on board the Pilot ship today!

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