Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Losing Out to Litterbugs

Posted March 5, 2007 7:40 a.m. EST

Do we need a more aggressive anti litter campaign in NC? I think we do. I think we need a new focus, a new slogan and a new commitment to cleaning up the glut of garbage illegally hurled from passing vehicles onto our roads and highways.

I recently spent more than 10 hours on the road in North and South Carolina. I hate to admit it but South Carolina's highways seemed a lot cleaner. They have a Palmetto Prideways program which emphasizes zero tolerance for littering, a Litter Busters hotline and a statewide media campaign which underscores the fines and penalties associated with littering.

The Lone Star State took the fight against litterbugs to a new level with its "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign. I believe we need something like that in North Carolina. We need to not only use the carrot but also the stick in our approach to litterbugs. The state has a cute little mascot called Beauty-Fly intended to teach children early on how bad it is to litter. That's okay but lets get the adults' attention with some publicized fines, jail time and a creative campaign that will instill more pride in our landscape.

I will give a prize to the person who comes up with the best anti litter slogan. What do you think?  What should we do?