Beating the Winter Blues

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We all get it: a case of the winter blues. The combination of cold temperatures, gray skies and general grind and grit of life. It all weighs us down.

How do we break through the clouds and find a warm puddle of light? I would like to hear your ideas. Here is my prescription for beating the winter blues and it won't cost you much.

1. Call an old friend.

2. Take a five mile hike with a good friend.

3. Volunteer to do some hard physical labor.

4. Do something creative with art, music or poetry.

5. See a great movie.

6. Treat yourself to a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints.

7. Listen to a Brian Regan comedy album.

8. Play Monopoly and your favorite card game.

9. Plan a warm weather vacation.

10. Buy some fresh flowers.

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