Tar Heel Transportation Test

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     The new 2007 official state road maps are out. This is the one with the governor's picture and lots of factoids about the Tar Heel state. I thought you might enjoy taking the following quiz gleaned from map facts. The third person to get all of the answers right will receive a prize. How about a free driver's license renewal? Sorry, I have no authority to do that but I can give you some music for your next road trip.  How about a signed copy of my Peaceful Journey CD which celebrates many of my favorite places across North Carolina? I could probably throw in an autographed picture of WRAL Trafficologist Mark Roberts. Good luck!

1. Fill in the blank. Welcome to North Carolina, the place where _______ happens.

2. How many NC Board of Transportation members are listed on the 2007 map?

3. What NC Board of Transportation member used to work for WRAL Television as a reporter?

4. What historic site and sports team are featured on the front of the new NC State Transportation map?

5. Name the state law that requires drivers to move their vehicles to the shoulder of the road following minor, non-injury crashes?

6. When are left turns on red permitted in NC?

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