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Weekend Getaway: Winston-Salem

Posted December 15, 2006 7:27 a.m. EST
Updated December 15, 2006 2:22 p.m. EST

We'll pack  the family in the car and take a two hour trip to the Winston-Salem area this weekend. Two big attractions: The Tanglewood Festival of Lights at Clemmons and Old Salem. It is really two different worlds. The kids will love the spectacular lights and the winter wonderland of giant snowflakes at Tanglewood. The cost is $13 per car. If you can't make it this weekend you have until January 1st to see the show. Old Salem is not going anywhere. It's been around for centuries but this weekend will be special. Saint Nicholas will pay a visit. You can also enjoy a candlelight tour of this restored Moravian Village and hear Pamela Sanders play her hammered dulcimer. Old Salem represents a simpler, less stressful Christmas destination. It is a beautiful place with some great treats at Winkler Bakery including Moravian sugarcake and gingerbread cookies. For dining I recommend the Tavern at Old Salem. What have I missed? We could do some Lexington style barbeque while in the area. Did anyone say doughnuts?