Slow Autumn

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Just got back from the mountains of North Carolina. Still no significant color in the trees. Actually, I was starting to see the first signs of yellows forming on the hillsides when I left Alleghany County. You can usually get a nice splash of autumnal color by October 15 but this year it is a two week delay according to the locals. Many areas are still waiting on the first frost. Still I had a marvelous time at Doughton Park. Hike the Bluff Mountain Trail and you will be transformed! I love the blend of rolling farmland and big mountain scenery there. I am not sure how good the colors will be this year with the unusual weather including a wet spring and dry late summer. I ran into a couple of motorcyclists who were traveling the entire Blue Ridge Parkway with no specific agenda other than soaking up the scenery and relaxing. Gotta run. This weekend might really be nice in the higher elevations. Let me know what you find.