"I Drive a Hummer"

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Yes, it’s true. My friends and colleagues can’t believe it but I drive a black Hummer. Okay, it’s not one of the big ones. It’s the little one. The H3. But wait a minute. It doesn’t fit my image. Environmental reporter for twelve years at WRAL. Galloping gas prices and I go out and buy a Hummer. No, not exactly. I didn't buy one. I really had little choice. Here’s what happened. I was driving to Louisburg last weekend for a concert and was rearended by a large van on Bickett Boulevard. My real car is a Honda Pilot. I have an SUV for several reasons. I lug a lot of musical equipment and CDs. I need to get to work on snow days and I have a cabin in the rugged mountains of NC. The Hummer is the replacement vehicle while I wait for my Honda to be repaired. The Hummer is not a bad ride. But it doesn’t have the pick-up of my Pilot and it’s a real pain at the Wachovia drive-thru. But it’s kinda nice being Mr. Cool for two weeks.