Thanksgiving Names

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That's Cranberry, NC to your left in the picture. Ever been to Cranberry? Well, it's in Avery County in the mountains and is a mecca for Christmas tree seekers. It is one of several North Carolina towns with Thanksgiving names.
I once served as the grand marshall in the Turkey, NC parade. This town is in Sampson County. They gave me a turkey and a sweatshirt with a colorful gobbler on the front.
By the way, there is a Gobble Creek in Davidson County. There is a Thanksgiving community in Johnston County. It was named for a Baptist church founded on Thanksgiving Day in 1899. I once knew a co-worker at WRAL who was born in Pumpkin Center in Lincoln County. There is a Pumpkintown in Jackson County. Those are some of the holiday names I can recall. What are some others?