Bald Head Island

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Bald Head Island is a place of beautiful sunsets, rich history and a slower pace of life. Even teenagers including my son Will seen in this photograph seem to enjoy the natural splendor. A Thanksgiving family vacation on this island near Southport provided us with an almost total refuge from the rigors of school and work. Still, we came away with a marvelous history lesson. Bald Head got its name from a bald spot on the highest point of the island. Pirates used to roam freely on the island and many of the streets today are named for these ruffians of the sea. Wild boar used to rummage around the marsh grasses and scrub trees. Old Baldy is the lighthouse here. It’s short in stature but tall in history and coastal lore. A view from the top of the lighthouse reveals an interesting modern day feature of the island. The only modes of transportation around the island are golf cart and the shoe leather express. The mode that will carry you to the island itself is boat with most coming over on a 20 minute ferry ride from Southport. I love the maritime forest on Bald Head Island. It is a throwback to the old days of coastal Carolina life. We loved the island and didn’t want to leave.