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He calls me Music Man. I call him Picture Man. We've never met but we already have a strong bond. I plan to take Bill Robertson up on his offer to teach me the finer points of landscape photography. He is a genius behind the lens. I came across his incredible gallery while searching for cover art for my "Christmas in Carolina" CD. Bill lives in Greenville, SC but spends much of his time hiking the mountains of western NC looking for the perfect rolling vista, wildflower or mountain stream. Bill's photographs will strike you to the core. They will make you gasp, smile, laugh and cry. He finds something dramatic in the ordinary whether its an early morning sky or river smoke rising from a stretch of rapids . My son Will is very interested in photography and can't wait to join me on my trip to meet Bill Robertson. You can meet his marvelous talent on-line at Bill has recently added some images from Nova Scotia. Also check out his images from Utah. The light, shadows, texture and sheer power of composition will knock your socks off.