Gingerbread House Competition

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Do you remember your first taste of gingerbread? I do! But it began with the aroma consuming the kitchen and surrounding rooms at my grandmother’s house in Morganton. The light brown bread smelled great but tasted even better. I remember smothering my hefty slice with lemon sauce and a dollop of whipped cream. Could life as a child get any better? Well, not until Santa Claus would arrive a few days later with Robert the Robot!

You can reignite some of that childhood magic by visiting the Grove Park Inn in Asheville over the holidays. The Grove Park hosts the annual National Gingerbread House Competition. More than 200 incredible entries are on display at the inn until January 9. The creativity and architecture are amazing. There has also been a dramatic growth in competition for the top prizes. The inn’s pastry chef Aaron Morgan has written a book on how to construct great gingerbread houses. While you are checking out the competition enjoy the soothing sounds of Bill Covington on grand piano near the stone fireplace in the lobby of the historic inn. You will love the atmosphere.