My Favorite Christmas

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It was the most exciting Christmas. Kindergarten year in Morganton. My father transformed our basement into a model train village complete with a replica of my own house on North Anderson Street. My dad was quite the artist. There were houses, trees, trains and trestles. My new Lionel layout swallowed up most of the basement barely leaving room for the furnace and washing machine. Those were magical moments, walking down those stairs, cranking up my new locomotives, watching them zip around the track, racing my dad, switching tracks, turning out the lights at night and seeing an eerie green glow. My dad had a fascination with trains. He once took he on a real train ride to Asheville for my birthday. I loved going through a tunnel in Asheville. My mother eventually gave my Lionel train set away along with my baseball cards when I went off to college. Wish I still had that stuff today.