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Thanks for the phone calls and e-mails regarding Hugh Morton. He is truly a North Carolina treasure. Here are a couple of comments from friends who have written me:

"Dear Bill,

I'm glad to read about Hugh. Shamefully, I knew none of this man; even that he owns Grandfather Mountain. My parents have a house in Yonahlossee and when I am there, I can see GM as I run errands up around Blowing Rock at summer time. I should have known all of this information about this great man. Mr. Morton sounds like one to whom many thanks should go, but nevertheless, one who has worked in the background much of the time. Your thoughts in your blog were clearly grief-tinged as you documented what Mr. Morton has done for North Carolina. I would not have known his deeds if you had not documented them there.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Hugh, to his Doctors and medical staff; that they will find all the wisdom and knowledge to treat Hugh's cancer; and the care and kindness to support Hugh and his family. Truly, it is so very tough when our mentors start to physically break-down. Especially for folks like you who are mentors yourself to so many around you; you are the next "Hugh" for so many of are uniquely qualified to carry his message to North Carolinians; and I think love this state as Hugh has and does. The greatest thing of all I think, is that this man Hugh has gone so very beyond his physical shell. His life, however long, will through his hard work for North Carolina will go on and on....what few of us can claim such a thing?
I'm sure his care at UNC combined with what sounds like an indomitable spirit will carry him through this time of crisis. It's an opportune time to let folks know what's been done for them by him and by earlier generations. However, that said, when I see a friend shouldering a burden; I wish to be able to lift that burden and shoulder it myself. Know that I am thinking of Hugh, of you and praying for lifted burdens. "

S. Lynn Rasmussen

"Thank you, Bill. for your Blog on Hugh Morton. As I was cleaning my attic the last week in December, I found a certificate I received from Mr. Morton when I was in elementary school in Catawba County. He was raising money to restore the USS North Carolina and my class sent in our pledge and we each received a certificate from Mr. Morton.
I had not thought of this in years but was so pleased to discover I still had it and could proudly show it to my grandson and granddaughter.
Thank you for your update on Mr. Morton. It is so wonderful to know that our childhood heroes are still heroes. "

Sherry J. Goad