Narnia in North Carolina

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Pack some Turkish Delight in the picnic basket. Narnia awaits you in the North Carolina mountains this time of the year. You have to be careful. Bundle up. Watch your step and check road conditions by all means. But some glistening photographic wonders are right around the bend such as Bridal Veil Falls featured in this picture. The mountain region is rich in waterfalls. They usually attract visitors in the summer when the foliage is green and the air is warm. But brush by the bare branches of winter and journey toward the water and you will witness a totally different scene. Some of my favorite waterfalls are Whitewater Falls, Cullasaja Falls, Bridal Veil, Looking Glass Falls and Linville Falls. Plus, the Blue Ridge Parkway has a plethora of cascades and waterfalls. But again, be careful! No picture is worth a nasty fall or car crash! Kevin Adams has compiled an excellent book on North Carolina waterfalls and what you need to know about photographing them. It is called North Carolina Waterfalls. Here are some links to learn more about these natural wonders: