Raleigh Song Ideas - Keep 'Em Comin'

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Raise your hands and repeat after me: "I love Raleigh because............."

Thanks for filling in the blank.
We'll take it the bank.
We'll sing a song about what's right not wrong with this beautiful place which ages with grace.

Okay. I'm getting carried away again. I appreciate your kind help in composing the official song of Raleigh. I will do my best to weave your ideas on what make's Raleigh great into a song to be performed in September when the city's second group of Raleigh Hall of Fame members are inducted. All right. I wanted to salute a couple of more poets. The first one comes from David McKnight, a brilliant writer and musician:

"Where the Piedmont meets the Coastal Plain
"And the Neuse flows down that Eastern crest,
"Where on a sky blue day you can 'bout see Maine,
"My mornings shine 'till evening rest."

Thanks, David! And from John Pendergrass another fine effort:

Warm biscuits, warm smiles
And minivans for miles

Hoop dream abound
Student rivalries thrive
Just a little to the west
Of I-95

Blue skies and blue grass
A bog ole acorn
Most of the residents
Are not native born

Loop on the belt
Belt out a tune
Tune up a symphony
On the lawn in mid June

Go to the fair
Eat long and eat well
If you don't pull for State
Well then go (nevemind)