Super Bowl Reflections

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Did it seem odd to you last night that Willie Parker mentioned Clinton High School instead of UNC during his videotaped introduction? Parker, who scored on a record 75 yard touchdown run for the Steelers in their win over Seattle, wasn't the only North Carolinian to mention his high school over college. Seattle offensive lineman Sean Locklear listed Lumberton High School during his videotaped introduction. Locklear is an NC State graduate. Perhaps some players take more pride in their hometown high schools than their colleges. Maybe they feel a stronger identity to their small communities compared to their large universities. Parker may have a pretty good excuse. He started only five games in his four year career at UNC.
Whatever the case I want to congratulate Bill Cowher and the Steelers for their victory. Cowher was a linebacker at NC State during his college career. It has taken him fourteen years as head coach of the Steelers to win a Super Bowl. He has the longest tenure of all NFL coaches. I think it is great that the Steelers have stuck with Cowher and given him time to build a powerful team.
Congratulations also to two other North Carolinians with Super Bowl rings. Kicker Jeff Reed played high school ball in Charlotte and was a fine player in Chapel Hill at UNC. Another Carolina Tar Heel Greg Warren is the long snapper for the Steelers. Greg is from Mount Olive.