Journey to Jugtown and Seagrove

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How about a journey to Jugtown this weekend? And Seagrove as well! At least once a year I enjoy exploring the fine work of our North Carolina potters. The industry has really blossomed in recent years. There are more than 90 potters in the Seagrove area. And one of the hottest names is 28 year old Crystal King featured in this picture in the latest edition of Country Woman Magazine. Crystal is a potter who learned from her parents Terry and Anna King who learned from two of the greatest Dorothy and Walter Auman at Seagrove Pottery. Crystal turned her first pot as a young child. As an adult Crystal's speciality is sculptural designs: “I enjoy making these whimsical, hand-sculpted pieces because each is unique,” she notes. “Usually, they focus on three basic themes—religion, politics and animals." As a result of the magazine article Crystal has received inquiries from Texas, Colorado, California and Canada. Customers who want her work have to place and order and wait because of her growing popularity. The current wait is about a year. Her work is an art and a deep love: “For my family, a love for pottery starts in our hearts and emerges through our minds and our hands,” Crystal explains to Country Woman Magazine: “It would be nice to pass that on to another generation.” The Crystal King Pottery shop is located four miles south of Seagrove on NC Highway 705. Her phone number is 1-336-879-6990.