Leadership at Enloe High

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What makes a good leader? It's a question that came up this week during the National Honor Society induction ceremony at Enloe High School in Raleigh. I was there to deliver a few remarks and enjoyed the discussion. A student adviser gave the following scenario. A team of students has been assigned to complete a project. One student fails to do his part. So another student does the work for him and helps the team complete the assignment. Is that good leadership? No. Here is good leadership. At the beginning of the project each student signs a contract and agrees to do his fair share of the work. When the loafing student fails to contribute the team brings up the contract. If the work still isn't done the team goes as a group to the teacher and explains that someone is not pulling his weight. That's leadership.
By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Enloe. What a marvelous group of students at this highly acclaimed magnet school with a strong international flavor for the arts, sciences and humanities! I was deeply impressed with the students' ability to balance rigorous academic demands with a wide array of impressive community service projects. I was called on to "inspire" the students with words of wisdom. But I believe I drew more inspiration than anyone in the auditorium Tuesday night.