Taste of Singapore

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What is Singapore cuisine? Well, it’s a little Southeast Asian and a little Indian. And it’s a whole lot good! You can find it in Chapel Hill at Southern Village. Over the weekend with friends I enjoyed the culinary delights of Merlion Restaurant. Our Curry Samosa appetizer was outstanding. My main dish was Green Chicken Curry. It included eggplant, bell pepper, onion, bamboo shoot, fresh kaffir, lime leaves and fresh basil in a light coconut curry. Another spicy favorite at our table was Roti Prafa with Chicken Curry. This dish included crispy Indian pancakes served with chicken and potato curry. This is a great eat-with-your-hand dish. It is also hot favorite served 24 hours a day across Singapore. The food is fun and not terribly expensive. I can’t wait to go back and explore other options on the menu. As Emma Lewis writes: “Singapore lies at the crossroads of Asia. For centuries merchants have been passing through these waters, trading goods from India and China and Southeast Asian islands, and bringing with them a melting pot of cultures.” It’s exciting to be able to share some of Singapore in a beautiful restaurant in the Triangle. More tomorrow on Southern Village which is located off 15-501.