Weekend Getaway: Emerald Isle

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Let us get those Irish eyes a smilin’ today. We’re headed to Emerald Isle for our weekend getaway. The weather will be nice with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the middle 50’s. Emerald Isle is hosting its 15th annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival which runs from 9AM-5PM both today and tomorrow. Josh Turner and Megan Mullins are the featured musicians for this two day event. After the festival you can go to the water and gaze out over the green sea and sip some green tea and eat a green salad with your grilled grouper. If you’re upset about high gasoline prices and want to stay closer to home there are other options. Raleigh has already had its St. Patrick’s Day Parade for the year. But if you’re close to Charlotte the Queen City is going green this Saturday with a parade and festival. This is Charlotte’s 10th annual Irish event and they hope it will be big. How many Irish names do we have across the state? I thought of several. I drive everyday on Kildaire Farm Road in Cary. There’s the Kilkenny township in Tyrrell County. Several Kennedy creeks grace the landscape of NC. Bladen County boasts the town of Dublin. St. Patrick would be proud.