Gas Saving Sensations

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Gas prices got you down? I'm with you. It is time to find the beauty in our own backyard. Today we begin Gas Saving Sensations. These are family fun activities and places near our homes. I start with Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve in Cary. You'll find it just off Kildaire Farm Road just down the hill from the intersection with Penny Road. It is a good starting point for me because it is within walking distance of my house. You will love the Stevens Nature Center here and the three miles of trails are soft and serene. You get the feeling you're in the mountains out here with the eastern hemlocks in some of the shaded areas above Swift Creek pictured to the left. The park is open from 9:00AM to sunset. You can check with the staff at the nature center for bird and wildlife observation opportunities. You'll also appreciate the wildflowers. There is one path which I have call "The Worry Trail." I can take a problem with me and after two passes of the trail I usually have a solution. Hey, let me hear from you and your Gas Saving Sensations! What are your favorite places in and around town?