Pullen Park: Gas Saving Sensation

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I'm running with the suggestion of a reader: Pullen Park is a great place to go for some fun in these days of high gas prices. It is an especially good choice today since the weather will be sunny and warm and the park will probably not be too crowded. It can be a zoo on weekends. Raleigh's Pullen Park is a magnet for families with its carousel, train, lake, kiddie boats, playground, tennis courts and swimming pool. You can also see the famous Mayberry statue featuring Andy and Opie. Take a picnic and have some serious fun. The history is rich here dating back to 1887 when Richard Stanhope Pullen donated the land as a gift to the City of Raleigh to be used as park land. He characterized it as on "old cow pasture, red and rocky." The carousel was accepted for the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The miniature train is my favorite. Remember the sunscreen. Elizabeth says we'll hit 83 degrees in Raleigh today.