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We ran a news story this morning about sandsurfing in South Africa. Enthusiasts called it better than snowboarding. They found the soft sand near abandoned gold mines better than fresh snow powder. I was wondering. Do we have sandboarding in North Carolina? Yes, we do! In fact, Jockey's Ridge State Park is billed as the best sandboarding location on the east coast. Of course, it helps to have the tallest natural sand dunes in the Eastern US. I checked the park's website and it says you have to get a permit to sandboard on the Outer Banks but the permit is free. The downside is you can only sandboard between October and March in a designated area. Jockey's Ridge is already well known for its hang gliding and kite flying. Sandboarding is described as an addictive adrenaline sport taking the world by storm. So if you have the gritty determination to excel at something new, head toward the Outer Banks this fall glide down the dunes that captured the imagination of Wilbur and Orville Wright more than a century ago.